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The PARK LOT PROJECT started in 2011 as a small personal project — a study of the Toronto park lot locations and their original patent holders — and grew from there.


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I added the waterways and shoreline to provide a sense of the original marshy landscape, and drew in the Mississauga Indian Toronto Purchase of 1805 to press the point that these lands were occupied before Europeans ever arrived. Then I got interested in the original recipients of the Town of York town lot grants, their connection to Lt.-Governor John Graves Simcoe, their place in broader Upper Canadian society... Well, you can see what happened.

Eventually I realized that what I was creating was an interactive encyclopedia of the earliest days of the Town of York and Upper Canada.

That's much bigger and grander than I imagined when I started, but I have found the project fascinating, rewarding, and well worth pushing on.

It's not my intention to make a profit out of this. I am making the project public under a Creative Commons (Canada) licence, which means you are welcome to copy material as long as you properly respect my copyright and credit the project.

I can see it being useful to young students, historians, geographers, and every Torontonian who ever wondered what was here before their home was built.

The Toronto Park Lot Project, as originally conceived, was completed in 2013. The newest layer, exploring the larger Upper Canadian canvas, was developed in 2014. But the truth is that the map will likely never be completely finished. Like the internet itself, the project evolves.

As I do research for my book on Peter Russell (provincial administrator 1796-99, after the departure of Simcoe) I uncover ever more and more details on grantees, the lots' subsequent histories, background on the settlement of Upper Canada, etc. These details of course get added to the map as I find time to do so.

After many months devoted to the project I've realized I need help getting it done.

Any offers to contribute content would be most gratefully received.

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Your financial contribution to support the project will be most gratefully received.

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The TORONTO PARK LOT PROJECT — an exploration of the earliest days of the TOWN OF YORK, founded in 1793 by John Graves Simcoe, first Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada. Copyright © Wendy Smith 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018.