Problems with the map size? Menu items won't display?

Technical difficulties?

Each of the creeks, land lots, town sites, etc. that you see on the map should be clickable when you click, an information box should pop up. If this doesn't work for you, it sometimes helps to reload the page. Sometimes if you return to the page later and reload, the clicking will work.

The Park Lot Project uses a variety of scripts and files which may not display properly on your phone, tablet, or low-resolution monitor. Different browsers may display the same web page in very different ways, or may not be able to display it at all.

Some possible solutions

can usually be solved by using a mouse.

If you can't see the map because the title and menu fills too much of the screen, try the zooming out option in your browser. That control can usually be found among the VIEW options:

If your browser can't read the webpage properly — for example, if the dropdown menus (orange bar) won't work — see if your browser offers a "compatibility view" option. The Microsoft Explorer compatibility control will look something like this:


Just click on the torn page icon (grey when off, blue when activated).

Note: This was a problem with Internet Explorer 10, but updates have since solved it.

The Toronto Park Lot Project webpage should look something like this, when you hover over the MAP CONTROLS menu item:

Always trying to improve

If you have problems with the webpage, please send me a note describing the problem — and if you found a solution to the problem, please let me know. Thanks!
Wendy Smith

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